Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Team 5 Art processes " As I see it" Brainstorming

WALT: Brainstorm and unpack an idea from a performance and write a review of a performance.

This term is all about " As I see it ". The whole school of Pt England is learning about something different for every team, team 1 - team 5. In Team 5 we are learning about our four waka and our waka represents our house colors. Our team has 5 classes and in each classes we have different kind of Art stations.

room 1 is Wool and Nail art, Room 2 is Harakeke( Flax design ), room 3 is a Contrast and dye color design, room 4 is doing Paper mache and room 5 is doing Logo designs. Each of these makings is going to be a waka for example: Room 1 is going to be making a waka out of wool and nail, room 4 is making small waka hulls out of paper mache, room 3 is going to be drawing a waka out of crayon and dye, room 2 is going to be making a waka canoe out of flax ( Harakeke), and room 5 is drawing Logo designs for our waka to represent.

On the top of this description is a brainstorm of what we have been doing lately in early this term. Take a look at some of this photos and pictures below.

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