Friday, 17 June 2016

Mystic netball team

                How this all happened:
This all happened by my netball manager. My netball manager's name is Chris Vaafusuaga, She went to a draw, the draw was about winning the mystics netball team to train us. SO……. Guess what happened……...SHE WON! Mrs Vaafusuaga announced at assembly that our school won the contest for the netball teams. We were so happy and excited about the mystics team but so sadly not the whole team got to come and train us only 3 players came and only 3 of our school teams were able to be trained by the Northern netball team. They were the year 4 Princess, the year 7 jets, and the year 7 force. The mystic players were Megan craig, Kayla Cullen and Nadia Loveday.                                                                                                                                                    

Megan Craig:
Megan Craig plays for the skycity Northern Mystics netball team. Her nick name is meg which some people call her. Megan Craig plays for two different type of sports she plays Netball and also basketball. What she takes in netball is GS which is Goal Shoot. Megan Craig was brought up in Lower hutt on the 11/02/1993, She is now 203 cm tall, Wow that is very tall. She is a very good team member to the other Mystic players. She was one out of the three people to train us.
Kayla Cullen:
Kayla Cullen is another mystic player out of the chosen 3 player. Kayla Cullen has two nicknames and they are Kays, and Ka Ka. Her mother gave birth to her in Auckland on the 13/02/1992, she is about 184cm tall and takes positions from WD(Wing defence), C(Center), and GD(Goal defence). She attends Auckland girls grammar school as a student, and her dad is also a Role model to her. She had an award for the 2011 young player of the year and All Star Team.
Nadia Loveday:
Nadia Loveday has a nickname as well as the others but different to theirs, her nickname is Nads. She was raised up in Otahuhu on the 9th of july in 1994 and now she is 172cm tall.  She now attends university as a student, Nadia Loveday has been selected for the Northern Mystics netball team, ever game she takes Wing attack and center as her location for netball games. Nadia Loveday has played for two netball teams, They are the Magic Netball team and the Northern Mystics netball team. Miss Loveday has a grandpa which looks after her and he is also her role model. Nadia Loveday has won some games like 20(18 mystics & 2 magic).
Debbie Fuller is a New Zealand netball coach and former international netball coach. Mrs Fuller was a defender in the New zealand National netball team, the Silver ferns from 1993-1963 during which time she competed at the 1995 at netball world championship in Birmingham, and she also coaches these girls as well as the whole Mystics netball team.

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