Friday, 27 May 2016

Wool and Nail Art

WALT: Finish our tasks on time and to go in every class for rotation and see what every stations taste is.

This term is basic about "As I See It". The topic for team 5 is our coloured wakas. In team 5's space their is a rotation happing, what we are doing in every rotation this weeks is that we are going to be trying and tasting out their flavour of what they are doing in every rotation. In every class they are doing something different like, Room 1 is doing Wool and Nail Art with Mr Wiseman they are doing a star shape that is out of nails and wool, Room 2 with Mrs Clark is making so roses out of harakeke(flax), Room 3 is with Mrs Telea and Mrs Stoohlman they are doing some art pictures with painting and chalk, Room 4 is with Mrs Berry and they are going to do some paper maschae, and Room 5 is doing another peace of arts.

This is a photo of me and my partner doing our Nailing in Mr Wiseman class. This is the photo of what we started with. As you can see we are nailing so nails in a small peace of block to put some wool around it.

Here is the final peace of what me and my partner did. We are very proud of it.

Thursday, 26 May 2016

PES House names

WALT: Explore a variety of text to gather information.

This terms theme is called " As I see it "Team 5's topic for this year is all about our four house wakas, Red, Green, Yellow, and blue which is Te Aurere, Hokule'a, Hikianalia, and Hine Moana. We are starting to learn all about our four wakas and the meaning about them. I hope you read through all this presentation that my teacher has given me. And fell free to visit other blog post of mines thank you.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Our Waka Parts

WALT: Explore a Variety of text to gather information

This week Mrs Muliamaseliis literacy class has been learning and working on a pad-let and a presentation witch is all about our four wakas represents our four house colour for example Te Aurere which is red and the meaning is The Accosiated blood,sweat and tears our our ancestors, Hikianalia is yellow and the meaning of it is the colour associated with the sun and celestial bodies that aid our navigation, Hinemoana which is blue that stands for Accosiated with te moana nui a kiwa, the great ocean we must navigate and the guardian of the ocean, and Hokule'a which stands for the colour accosiated with the value we place on our earth. These are our four house colours and wakas as well.

This is a pad-let that I have made and the presentation as well on the top of the first description, which is all about the four house colours. This pad-let that I have made is all about the four wakas and all information. If you can't see the picture propley then you can just click the picture and then it will become big. I hope you have enjoyed my learning, if you really loved it then add a comment and give feedback for more editing to make my learning better.

Monday, 16 May 2016

My iluminate Activity

WALT: Extend writing using descriptive detailed vocabulary and sentences for a magazine article
Last week on Tuesday after lunch eating we had a very special programme in the school hall everybody was so excited and also so exhausted to walk around, When everybody got into the school hall we all was so loud cause we couldn't breath in the hall after play time. we had to close the hall doors every one of them then we turned all the lights off.

Making kindness go viral

WALT: Reflect and respond on key features and point of a performance or assembly presentation
On Friday the 6th of May during 2016 we had a assembly. During that school assembly their was something very important and very special. The reason why it was so important and special is because their was a new boy at our school and he earned this special thing which is called the prefect badge. Being a prefect is so good you could show kindness with this badge just like what his family did, They all came to school to support him for his effort that he had made and then they also gave them stuff just like giving him some lollies, some moneys, big hugs and also big kisses on his checks. I hope you have enjoyed all of this and also the planning on the top of this description.

Monday, 9 May 2016

My Immersion Assembly recount-As I See It

WALT: Write a full recount

At the starting of the term we had a immersion assembly. Our teachers of each team presented a film and a act out on stage in the school hall. All children was setted in their own spots watching different types of presentations. After that Assembly we had to write a recount brainstorm about the assembly that morning.
I hope you liked my brainstorm on the top of this paragraph. Thank you.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Year 7 Fun week

WALT: Write a full recount.

Last term, the year 8s went onto their leadership camp for three days, and the year 7’s had a fun three days. On the first day the year 7’s watched a movie called “ From Boyz 2 Men”. While we all were watching the movie we got treated with some popcorn. The movie had finished, Mrs Muliaumasealii divided us into three groups. The first group was called the art group which was with Matua Willis, the second group was making a flower leis and the last group was making flower leis as well.

I got divided into one of the flower lei groups. What we needed was some flowers (Any type of flowers), A pin to stick the flower in and a net for your flower to stick on. We all helped each other by getting it done. It took us 2 days just to get the flowers done. The art group was already finished it looked very interesting.

On the last day Mrs Clark's cooking group went out to the hall kitchen to bake some, Mince, pasta and cheese bake. We all finished of our project and hung them up. Mrs Clark’s group set up the long big tables and put our plate of food and drinks on with some pears. Everything was finished so we all had to pack up everything, we flipped the table on to another.

We all packed up our classroom. We were so happy to see the year 8s again so we decorated up the classrooms. To give them a big welcome back.

Immersion Assemberly

WALT: Write a recount.

Yesterday was the beginning of the second term. At 8:50 the whole school made their way to the school hall for our immersion assembly. The reason everyone was on the way to the hall because there was a special event happening, the event was more like a big welcome back to us students and teachers. We watched different kind of items from other teachers. There were five performance. The assembly was about our topics for this term. The teachers were dressing up according to their topics. I loved the way they dressed up, beacuse it made me to understand each of their topics.

One of the teams that I have enjoyed was the team 5s play. Team 5 is going to be doing some arts around our waka. Their play today was very interesting. Characters were Te Aurere, Hikianalia, Hine moana, also Hokulea. Mrs Berry played as Te Aurere, Mrs Tela played as Hine moana, Mrs Sadler played for Hikianalia, and last but not least the winner Mrs Garden playing for Hokulea, Mrs Clark was the speaker for the act. In the play was four wakas that were having a race, so they all started to line up. When Mrs Clark said “GO”. Vakas paddled as fast as they could. “ Te Aurere and hikianalia were coming last”  ohhh there goes Hine moana and Hokulea in the lead, yes at first is the winner HOKULEA!!!. We all cheered. “ THE WINNER IS HOKULEA”!!

I felt very excited before the play. Every actor was wearing the colour of their waka. Mrs Berry was wearing a red Lava Lava and holding a paddle, Mrs Sadler was wearing a yellow t -shirt and a yellow lava lava, Mrs Tela was wearing a blue t - shirt with a bottom blue samoa skirt and a box that was her waka, it looked so beautiful with her fan and her paint on her face. Mrs Garden was wearing everything green her hair green, her t - shirt, her pants and she brought a santa sack bag. Team 5 act out our learning for this term.

Out of all the teachers Mrs Telea was the most statuesque one out of all. Once team 5 teachers finished their item we all gave them a applause. Mrs Telea one of the teachers from team 5(which was so stunning)told the whole school that we are going to learn and do some art things about the four wakas.