Friday, 27 May 2016

Wool and Nail Art

WALT: Finish our tasks on time and to go in every class for rotation and see what every stations taste is.

This term is basic about "As I See It". The topic for team 5 is our coloured wakas. In team 5's space their is a rotation happing, what we are doing in every rotation this weeks is that we are going to be trying and tasting out their flavour of what they are doing in every rotation. In every class they are doing something different like, Room 1 is doing Wool and Nail Art with Mr Wiseman they are doing a star shape that is out of nails and wool, Room 2 with Mrs Clark is making so roses out of harakeke(flax), Room 3 is with Mrs Telea and Mrs Stoohlman they are doing some art pictures with painting and chalk, Room 4 is with Mrs Berry and they are going to do some paper maschae, and Room 5 is doing another peace of arts.

This is a photo of me and my partner doing our Nailing in Mr Wiseman class. This is the photo of what we started with. As you can see we are nailing so nails in a small peace of block to put some wool around it.

Here is the final peace of what me and my partner did. We are very proud of it.

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