Friday, 27 February 2015

Mathswhizz problem

WALT: Solve maths promblems
Here is the problem that I am stuck on and I need help would you mine if you can help me please?

The Dotterel chicks

WALT:Look beyond the text:Look beyond the text

Today in class I have been learning about the dotterel chicks, and  them being in danger .The task asked us to think and learn about the dotterel chicks, eggs, birds, and baby dotterel chicks.

Friday, 20 February 2015

Duffy Theatre recount

Have you ever heard about the duffy show before or seen it, On monday straight after the bell rang my class and the other seniors classes went to the school hall. While we were waiting for the other the actors asked if we want to play a game so we said “Yes”, the game was simon says. When we played it was the first round it I lost two rounds and I won the last round. After all of that we were all settled and The Duffy Show started.

The duffy show starred on the count of three 1,2,3 DUFFY onced we said his name then duffy came out he was reading heaps of books then he looked back at us and said “WOW Hey do you want to meet my friends?YES we said then he said come out so they said that they already meted us but they never introduced their names to us so they said their names and whose place are they playing in the duffy show.

Onced they have finished saying their names and saying which part they started the play. The beginning of the play we sang the duffy song,Once we had finished singing the song they told us the rule when they play so there was two rules the first rule was to keep your bottoms on the ground,and the last rule is if they say xs then that means to don’t talk when they're doing the play.

so then they are started to start the play.Sienna sat down and then she said that she hated reading then duffy came in and then he asked us he said did she just say that she hates reading then we said yes but duffy looked at us weird then he went like this but reading is the best,she said but its boring.

Duffy,sienna,and the other lady said thankyou for coming to our show then they sang another rap.They finished and said another thank you then we waited for our teacher to tell us to go back class.The thing that I would more enjoy is to keep laughing and to get the story.I hope to see another duffy assembly.        

This week the whole school went to the duffy assemberly to learn about other books.

Chicken flavoured worms

WALT:Write a detailed introuduction with hook and orientaion
Have you tasted chicken flavoured worms before? Well in room 6s literacy room we didn’t start our day like we often do, instead we ate chicken flavoured worms. Then Mr Goodwin got crazy feeding us.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Marked by particia finau

Our task today was to write a introuduction without other paragraphs.And we are also trying to mark other peoples rubric and explain why we marked it as a....

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Sarahs Possum pet.

WALT:Look beyond the text.

Have you seen what a possum looks like?Well it looks like this but when you see it for real it will look ugely.The possume has a thick,bushy tail,a pointed snout,and long,fox-like tapering ears.Adult possums are typical between 65 and 95 cm in legth,and can weigh anywhere between 1.4 and 6.4 k.g.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Whats in the bag

WALT: make predictions, list possible outcomes, assign possibilities to simple events using fractions

My task today was to do a presentaion about probobillitey all we had to do was to pick out a pice of cube out of a imvolope.when we pull it out you have to right it down you pull it out 8 times.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Bungy jumpers

W.A.L.T:Follow instruction ,and complete task to a high standard

This week me and my group was learning all about the bungy jumpers.Our task was to make A presentation without using themes, and with a white background.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

My holidays

Have you been to the movies in the park?In the holidays me,my family and my cook island cultural group went to the movies in the park on friday.The reason why we went there was because we had to perform for that night.After we finished our performance we had to pack up our costumes,once we had finished packing up our stuff we went to get our other stuff from the van.The stuffs that we bought out was the mat,blankets,pillows,folding chairs and our food.

When we took our stuff out we went to place nexts to the park where one of the stores.The movie we watched was called the boxtrolls.The movie was all about these little trolls,when they are scared they always go pop back into the box thats why there called boxtroll but the movie wasn’t really about those trolls it was mainly about a boy.Parts of the movie was pretty cool like how the boxtrolls sneak out of there box when they were stacked up into piles like its turning into a mountaine,they were about toget crashed by the evil one but suddenly a brainy troll found out a way how to get out of the boxes.There was a little hole at the back of the boxes so they made noise but the evil man didnt no that they were going out but he thought that they were shaking that they were scared but they were moving hard.

It was so amazing because it was the first time that there was free chocolate.If you want a free chocolate you will find a camer place then there will be a  long line once you find it you go to the back of the line if theres noone in the line then you just go and then take a photo when you finished taking a photo you get a card or a ticket and it will say dairy milk on it and its purple.When you get a free chocolate card there is this chocolate place that has a shelter but its too far to walk go there and then they ask you what kind of chocolate flavour do you want but if you have only have one ticket then you choose only one big block of chocolate or one small one but if you have two tickets then you three blocks of chocolate, you get two small ones and one big one or two big ones and one small one.

The thing that i really enjoy was the movie and  the free chocolate,but the thing that i didn’t like was some of the stores because you have to buy food and other things.But I really enjoyed the movie.