Wednesday, 31 August 2016

The case of the Phantom tagger

WALT: look at the relationship between the characters

Kia ora this weeks task has asked me to find the answer and the evidence of the text, the characters and the meaning. In this presentation that I have worked on was given to my whole reading class by my teacher Mrs Berry. Inside this presentation is some work that I have been working on but before I worked onto these slides I read a book to help me find the answers to some of the questions.

   The three last slides are my favourite thing, on the fourth to last slide, where it says extension click on that word and it will take you to some crime solving texts. I have solved these three questions. I hope you enjoy. Please leave a comment:)

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Intro to ratios

WALT: Intro ratios

Kia orana I am starting to learn all about ratios, this task asked me to solve questions and read them as well. My teacher has gave this working presentation to my maths group the pentagons so that we can show her that we already now how to solve hard questions like ratios. Up on top of this description there is a presentation that was given and if you click the right button until you get to the last slide, slide 7 there should be a video there to help you get your ratios right and if you needed help. I hope you like my work that I have been working on. Please leave a comment.

Why do our muscles get tired.

WALT: identify the detail that supports the main idea in the text

On the top of this description is a voice recorder, recording myself and explaining what a muscle fatigue is. A muscle fatigue is when you are using the same  muscle over and over again it gets tired. Muscle fatigue is when your muscles get really tired. These kind of muscles needs oxygen to work, energy comes from sort of foods that we eat. We also breath oxygen as part of the air, and our bodies carries it from our lungs to the rest of our body. Exercising too much makes our body sends extra oxygen to our  muscles. I hope you have learnt about what a muscle fatigue is. Please leave a comment and visit my other post.