Monday, 29 February 2016

Intro: Statistics

WALT: find the average ( mean ), median and mode.

This week Miss Berrys maths class has been learning about statistics. In the top slide there are some statistics. What we had to do was that we had to work some numbers into avergae(mean), meadian, and mode. Hope you enjoy :).

Wednesday, 24 February 2016


WALT:  Deconstruct, and re-craft our pharagraphs so they they are more intrensting for our readers.

My neighbour’s granddaughter, Adrianna, came over.  On a exhausted sunny day, we were smelling and sweating like hippos and bursting hot,what we needed to do is just cool off. So we decided to go to the beach that had nice and cold water. We sweated like rain drops dripping down our face. While we were in the nice and cool water we didn’t Bother to get out. Every sunny day we would go to the beach where the water is.
My description:
Today we have been learning to re craft writtings that our teacher gives to us and take out the boaring words and put in the intresting words. What we had to do is read the paragraph that our teacher gives us and buddy up with someone, my buddy was Lotu, then we had to re write the paragraph with intresting words, once the time is up we have to share out what we worte dow. Once we finish writting it down other students help to give more feedback back to help us for our writting to get better.