Thursday, 22 September 2016

My reflection on this term ( Term 3 )

WALT: write something on a flash back of what we liked during this term.
Term 3 has been an overwhelming term. There has been a lot of thing that pt england has been through. In team 5 we have had movie trips, visit harold, American dance group danced for us, AL7 & barista team ( Cooking, baking, making hot chocolates and other hot drinks and working with board games group. ) and many other things. This term I have participated in a quiet few things like … .. Netball, our team was called the year 7 Jets, Youthtown with tech and Film festival filmings.

Moments I liked:

Here are some moments I enjoyed through this term. I liked being in a netball team with wonderful friends and wonderful managers and coaches. I liked making a lot of new friends at school and making the new students comfortable with this school. I really enjoy after lunch and sometimes in the morning block and after morning tea blocks because we have maths and maths is my favourite subject in my life, sometimes I enjoy reading and writing. The things I didn’t like was sometimes running for fitness and jump jam, but now I am starting to like Just dance.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Anonymous Presentation - Training for the olympics

Walt: Introduction to the human body - 'My body parts and systems'

During our Inquiry lesson this week and half of last week, we have been doing some presentations about the olympics. How it worked was that we were split into four groups, in those four groups we had to choose a sport that relates to the olympics. After deciding a sport your whole group has to agree on what kind of sport you are doing. Then you would need a group name, that group name your whole team had to agree to the group name. Once everything is sorted you and your whole group had to work on different slides, on those slides you add information onto it about your sport.

Friday, 9 September 2016


WALT: understand what units to use when measuring

Hello today I am learning all about measuring and also for this whole week, what we have to do with this learning is try and do measuring, we use millimeters(mm), centermeters(cm), Meters(m), Kilometers(km), seconds, minutes, hours, liter, 

The case of the Broken window and the forbidden fruit

WALT: compare and contrast two stories.

This weeks reading task was about solving a crime. We are trying to learn about comparing two of the same story's together, what we did was very exciting. There is a Venn diagram on the 2 to last slide. The Venn diagram is all about the two same story's and what's the similarity of both of the story's and what happens in both of the stories. This task asked me to read the text careful and try and find the evidence from the text. My favourite thing about these books is how we have to solve out the crime.