Thursday, 22 September 2016

My reflection on this term ( Term 3 )

WALT: write something on a flash back of what we liked during this term.
Term 3 has been an overwhelming term. There has been a lot of thing that pt england has been through. In team 5 we have had movie trips, visit harold, American dance group danced for us, AL7 & barista team ( Cooking, baking, making hot chocolates and other hot drinks and working with board games group. ) and many other things. This term I have participated in a quiet few things like … .. Netball, our team was called the year 7 Jets, Youthtown with tech and Film festival filmings.

Moments I liked:

Here are some moments I enjoyed through this term. I liked being in a netball team with wonderful friends and wonderful managers and coaches. I liked making a lot of new friends at school and making the new students comfortable with this school. I really enjoy after lunch and sometimes in the morning block and after morning tea blocks because we have maths and maths is my favourite subject in my life, sometimes I enjoy reading and writing. The things I didn’t like was sometimes running for fitness and jump jam, but now I am starting to like Just dance.

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