Monday, 5 December 2016

My Rust task

WALT: Synthesise information from multiple sources.

Here are three ingredients we would need.

Oxygen from the air

brief paragraph explaining the rusting process (why rusting occurs)
You would need Iron, water and also oxygen from the air. It starts with the oxygen from the air which mixes with water, Secondly, The iron surface of the nail reacts with the oxygen mixed in the water. It forms iron oxide. When the iron oxide reacts with water. It forms hydrated iron oxide the red stuff we would name “ RUST”. This process continues until all the iron is eaten up.

“ Other metals damages in different types of ways, but the only type of material that can rust is metal with iron in them.”

How could you prevent something from rusting?
Whenever you put iron, water, and oxygen in a test tube together you would recognise that when they all mix up together it’s colour would be brownish which is called “rust”. So the best way to prevent it is to keep the three ingredients separate from each other (That’s what paint does, or the spray-on wax and oil coatings that the car protection companies sell.) Always keep your tools dried, wipe down your bike after a ride, and keep water away so they can’t rust.

Something new I have learnt from this reading.
One of the things that I have learnt from this reading is how metal rust and why.

The second thing that I was interested from this reading is some of advice of how you could stop something from rusting.

And I have learnt a knew word that I didn't know the meaning of. Alloy, it means that when a metal is with another element it makes the metal stronger or more resistance to corrosion.  

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