Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Year 7 Fun week

WALT: Write a full recount.

Last term, the year 8s went onto their leadership camp for three days, and the year 7’s had a fun three days. On the first day the year 7’s watched a movie called “ From Boyz 2 Men”. While we all were watching the movie we got treated with some popcorn. The movie had finished, Mrs Muliaumasealii divided us into three groups. The first group was called the art group which was with Matua Willis, the second group was making a flower leis and the last group was making flower leis as well.

I got divided into one of the flower lei groups. What we needed was some flowers (Any type of flowers), A pin to stick the flower in and a net for your flower to stick on. We all helped each other by getting it done. It took us 2 days just to get the flowers done. The art group was already finished it looked very interesting.

On the last day Mrs Clark's cooking group went out to the hall kitchen to bake some, Mince, pasta and cheese bake. We all finished of our project and hung them up. Mrs Clark’s group set up the long big tables and put our plate of food and drinks on with some pears. Everything was finished so we all had to pack up everything, we flipped the table on to another.

We all packed up our classroom. We were so happy to see the year 8s again so we decorated up the classrooms. To give them a big welcome back.

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  1. Year 7 Fun week looked like so much fun! I love reading about it on your blog so I can understand the things that you got up to. Did you enjoy doing things just with the year 7s? Should we try something like this again later in the year? From Miss Berry.