Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Our Waka Parts

WALT: Explore a Variety of text to gather information

This week Mrs Muliamaseliis literacy class has been learning and working on a pad-let and a presentation witch is all about our four wakas represents our four house colour for example Te Aurere which is red and the meaning is The Accosiated blood,sweat and tears our our ancestors, Hikianalia is yellow and the meaning of it is the colour associated with the sun and celestial bodies that aid our navigation, Hinemoana which is blue that stands for Accosiated with te moana nui a kiwa, the great ocean we must navigate and the guardian of the ocean, and Hokule'a which stands for the colour accosiated with the value we place on our earth. These are our four house colours and wakas as well.

This is a pad-let that I have made and the presentation as well on the top of the first description, which is all about the four house colours. This pad-let that I have made is all about the four wakas and all information. If you can't see the picture propley then you can just click the picture and then it will become big. I hope you have enjoyed my learning, if you really loved it then add a comment and give feedback for more editing to make my learning better.

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