Thursday, 16 June 2016

Attitude: Who am I?

WALT: finish of our task and understand the meaning of our text so we can write a recount.

                                       WHO AM I ?

This term we had special things, One of them was from the Attitude team, his name is Nate Kandraculah. What he was talking about was “Who am I?”, What he was basically talking about was that we had to find who we really are. There were animals that were like us, for example a Otter, an otter is standing for they do crazy stuff and fun at the same time, the lion was the leader of everything, the beaver was the hard working person who would never give up anything and could help their family to get some food and stuff, and golden retriever is a kind of dog that is very very kind, if you are this golden retriever then you would help nearly every one for example if there was this beaver walking down the road and there was a bump between the road, but the beaver never saw it, it was running so fast then it tripped up, the golden retriever would come up to you and would help you out or rather take you to the doctors. If I would have to find out who am I? Think I am the otter and a bit of Golden retriever.

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