Thursday, 16 June 2016

Revolution Tour-2016

                        WALT: Write our own recount about our journeys

                                             Revolution Tour
Last term there was a group called the revolution tour that had came and visit us, what they did was some talking, singing and also teaching us a good thing. There was one man called Reggie, he once told us a sad very sad story and his story went like this. Reggie was small and he had a mother, when his mother gave birth to him she was around 16 years old which is very young to have a baby, she gave him away to her favorite teacher. And her favorite teacher was his mum know, Reggie found out that he has a brother and a sister from his real mum, the saddest thing was that his mum kept his sister, then she kept his brother, and sadly gave him away, When he told us that story we all started feeling very sad.

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