Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Ukura - All in the family

WALT: Create graphs to communicate ideas

Answers below:

Answer Below:
  1. The line graph is the graph that isn’t suitable of finding the statement of data.

     B. The pie graph shows less information.

  1. This is true. How I know is because all the three graphs show that the number two is the highest number.

    B. The bar graph is the best for answering these questions because it is easier and a fast way to figure it out.

4. What me and my classmate discuss was that Evan is not correct I think because Lani’s data is the correct data cause she said that half of her students in her class have 2 or more siblings.  

      Activity two:

 1. This is my grid for the families of the other students.  Screenshot 2017-05-23 at 9.19.53 AM.png

2. Lani says “”
i) True
ii) False
iii) False
iv) True
v) False
vi) True

Activity three:

1. My classes sibling data:

Family numbers:
1. 2  parents + 3 kids
2. 2 parents + 3 kids
3. 2 parents + 5 kids
4. 2 parents + 6 kids
5. 2 parents + 6 kids
6. 2 parents + 9 kids
7. 2 parents + 8 kids
8. 2 parents + 11 kids
9. 2 parents + 7 kids
10. 2 parents + 6 kids
11. 2 parents + 4 kids
12. 2 parents + 6 kids
13. 2 parents + 3 kids

2. What I have learnt from the Families and siblings is that I now know how to use a bit of graphs and grids. The grids are know easy for me to use, before I didn’t know how to use the grids until now.

3. The main differences about my graph and hers is that my graph has the amount of parents, amount of brothers, and amount of sisters that my classroom mates have in their families and Lani’s graph was different to mine because she had numbers of the family’s and she didn’t list hers as how many parents they had and different things to mine.

This week we have been learning all about the different graphs. What this task asked me to do was that it asked me to follow instructions and answer all the questions correctly. I hope that you have learnt something but what I have learnt was that I learnt how to use graphs in many different ways.

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