Monday, 8 May 2017

Too much telly

WALT: Intepret a range of different graphs.

Answer below:

1: More TV have been watched on Saturday and Friday but homework hasn’t been done on Friday and Saturday.

2: Each of the graphs are different from each other because Jessie missed two days of homework, Ashna didn’t watch TV on Monday and on Thursday, Ruka watched tv 6 ½ times.

3: Yes it is true because the more you watch tv the more you don’t get your homework done and on Jessies graph it says that she spent 14 ½ times watching TV and 2 times on homework, Nina’s graph says that she has spent 11 times watching TV and 5 times spent on homework, Ruka’s graph says that she has spent at least 4 ¼ on doing homework and she spent 11 times watching TV.

Hey guys here is my maths for this week. What my maths work for this week is all about is that it is all about different graphs and how we can use different ways to solve a problem easier. What I learnt this week is that I learnt what the difference about each graphs and here is my work to go with this paragraph. I hope that you enjoy my blog post and learn something but besides that please feel free to write a comment down below and tell me what I have to learn more about or just leave a feedback thank you.

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