Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Talking points - 1

WALT: Participate in a group discussion by actively listening and speaking

This week we are learning about talking points and trying to participate in a group discussion by actively listening and speaking. What we had to do on the first step was that our whole class had to watch a video clip as a class that is linked to our reading page. Our teacher noted some of the steps that came out of the video and gave it to us to try and discuss with our group the answers to the questions inside our presentation there are 4 points in the talking points and here they are - 1. Focus Fully, 2. Avoid interrupting, 3. Avoid seeming judegemental, 4. show interest.

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  1. Hi Kura, My name is Timeus from Tamaki Primary School and I am your quad blogging buddy. I like how you replied to that discussion by saying what that person is going to do and How can it effect that person from doing that sort of stuff.