Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Reflection padlet - Talking points.

WALT: Participate in a group disscusion by actively listening and speaking

This week we have been learning all about talking points, what we mean by talking points if you don't understand what I am talking about then here it is. It is all about these 4 main key points and they are : 1. Focus Fully( Focus fully means that when someone is trying to talk to you your face would be looking straight into their eyes or would be nodding and would be really into their talk.), 2. Avoid Interrupting ( Avoid interrupting means for example if you are talking and then in the middle of your talk the person that your talking to buds in and then finishes your sentence off.), 3. Avoid seeming judemental, and 4. Show interest. So thoese were the 4 key points on what we learnt.

As you can see on the top of all these blurbs is a padlet that me and my group had a disscusion.

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