Saturday, 8 April 2017

Place Value - Decimals

WALT: Add decimals to 3 decimals places

What have we been learning about lately in maths? We were learning how to add decimals to 3 decimal places and I am going to show you some ways of how we can do it. So on the top of this paragraph there is a presentaion all about Decimal - Place Values and how I worked the answers out as well so I am going to explain 1 slide of my work and it is going to be slide 6. Slide 6: Slide 6 is all about translating the writen form into number for for example.

It will actualy be writen like this : Two hundred and fiffty seven thousand, eight hundred and fiffty two point eight one: But the number form would be writen like this: 257,852.81

Thank you I hope you have learnt a bit and comment down below to help me on what I need to work on so I can try and get better and better while I learn.

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