Monday, 6 March 2017

Te Taiao o Tamaki

Te Taiao O Tamaki:

What we are learning about this term is that we are learning about kawa of care. What is Kawa of care? well Kawa of care is a way of saying how we could protect our environment. How we can protect it is that we could try and stop preventing water pollution by not littering.

Littering has caused water pollution and land pollution, how it is prevented? People sometimes dumps their rubbish on the road or on the side of the beach. What we can do to stop it is that if we see a piece of rubbish that is not even yours then you can just pick it up.

If you won’t pick it up then the wind will blow it until it reaches the beach, the wind will blow and blow and blow until it is the sea. When living creatures in the sea eats they will die. Then when you go fishing or a walk you might catch a fish that has been eating plastics, or you could find a dead washed up whale on the beach.

There are different types of pollution like water pollution which is the biggest problems, air pollution, land pollution, and others. Pollution is also caused by many different things like car gasses linking on the road, Factories, littering, Farms and many things.  

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