Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Te taiao o tamaki - keeping our city safe and clean

What can we all do to help save our city? Well what we can do is that we can help and pick up rubbish whenever you see one even though if it's not yours. We can try and go around GI and pick up the rubbish on saturdays or even if you are free.

We all have special jobs that we all can do, what we can all do is that we can try helping by not littering on the ground we can put in the bin even if you can't find the bin or if there is no bins around you then you can just put in your pocket or hold it until you get home and then you can put it in the bin.

In two more weeks there is going to be an exhibition happening at the te oro. It is all about te taiao o tamaki. There are going to be different kind of presentation from different other schools. So please help save the sea animals.

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