Friday, 26 June 2015

Super mario world

WALT: Write effect paragraphs

Super Mario World is a game made by the Nintendo and Gameboy. Super Mario World is a sidescroller game that everyone likes to play but some people don’t like to play. This game is available on a computer, chromebook and a laptop.

The aim for the game is to pass the level. In the game you would have to dodge the little evil little monsters so you won’t die or lose lives. You can collect money so you can buy stuff from the game shop like you can buy lives, and you can also collect mushrooms to grow bigger. The first level will be easy but as  you get to the third level it will get harder and harder.

He is a game character, Mario wears a red hat that has a letter M on it that stands for his name Mario he has a mustache that is black and has got a brown hair he wears a white and red long sleeve inside his blue clothing. Mario is from the country of italy in the game of Mario his job is to be collecting mushrooms to make him big enough and so he can kill the little evil bad mushrooms but at first if Mario jump and he hits the mystery box with the question mark on it then he will be able to see a flying mushroom come out. It will land on the ground if Mario collects it he will turn a little bit medium. Mario is good handsome game character he has been like nearly every ones favorite game player.  

On your keyboard there will be controller's like the up button, down button, the left button and the right button. Please press the right button to move right keep moving right and then use the left button to move left to kill the little
enemies then use the jump button to kill and jump on them.

My thoughts about this game is that it’s quite hard but it is interesting it is a little bit near to being addicted to me, level 1 is  very easy but until when I got to level 2 it was so bad that I couldn’t even past it and I am still on level 2. I recommended like because it is fun to play and that you past levels fast and that you can also get shimmering stars. For this game I would give it  a like the reason why I give this a like cause I like it how the author of this game puts a lot of details in it and cause I hope to win another time.

My favourite part about this writting was when we have to explain about Mario. In this game it is very hard to play but when you keep playing the game then you will get better and better at it. I like super Mario's world because it is creative and at part two in the game it has Marios frend. This task asked us to  Write about Super Mario World using this template, and the presentation given by your teacher. You will be stopped at certain times by your teacher and asked to share.

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