Tuesday, 30 June 2015

My super hero power

Walt: write effective paragraphs using juicy and exciting words.

If I had super powers it would be a power that can heal people, like if someone is sick then I can just raise my hand over them and just wave it once over their face and then it will be healed even if some one got bashed on the eye and mouth it will still heal. When someone's leg was broken or if their arm was broken then I would make sure that it will heal with my hands and by that I will have to hold their legs or arm to heal but it will take about a day to get healed the reason why it will take a day to get healed because how big the leg is and how big their arms are.

My powers it will look so bright that will be so shiny yellow. My power is a skill that I could be able to do. If I had my imagination powers then it will feel so nice it will feel like a sun inside my hand and it will be so bright like a light shining from my hand. In the past few days we hade to write jucy words and also this tasked asked us to write intreseting juicy words in our paragrapghs. we were learning to write effective paragraph using juicy words and exciting words. This writting is all about supper powers.

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