Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Winter report.

WALT: Write a new style report.
 Winter is coming to Pt England ….

This report is about winter and tips about how to get to school. The law says that every child has to go to school, no one can change the law so everyone has to go to school, even in Winter.

Winter season is nearly here. Peoples are starting to grab their gear they are setting up their house for winter, sometimes in winter kids walk to school with bear feet, come in buses, taxis and they also catch a ride in their mum or dad's cars.

It means that Pt england school needs to get ready for winter season. What is winter? Well winter is a season that sometimes makes heavy rain, hail , fog and you can also enjoy winter by doing winter sports and some of the winter sports are called ice skating and some fun games would be snowball fight. Winter in Auckland will always bring hail, thunder, or even heavy fat rains.

For Pt England students they are starting to pack everything away for winter. Some Pt Englanders says ‘‘That school should be closed on rainy days’’ for that question I would have not agreed cause if school was closed on rainy days then no one would learn anything from school.  If other people heard that school was closed then their reaction would be sad, mad, angry and upset cause they wouldn't like to close school but the other peoples would like to close school on a rainy day and their reactions will also be good, excited, happy, and glad.

If is a rainy day on a school day people would not feel like coming to school cause they think that they might get sick and they can even catch a ride on their parent's car or on a device. Should school be closed on a rainy day Loseli? “ No I disagree cause peoples often doesn't like to learn and plus some other peoples like to learn and plus I also like to learn as well”.  You should come to school with a umbrella.

We were asked to writte a new style report. Just like the Walt up the top.

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