Thursday, 21 May 2015

Gardening vs science

WALT:  make infrences across several related ideas in the text.

I: I’m interviewing a gardener called Potato Lady and a sciences. Mr Cucumber, what do you do to grow plants?

S: I research to find out what plants grow in different climates.

G: I do too. I know that carrots like to grow in cold climates

S. I know that kiwi fruit like Auckland best.

I. Right, Gardener Green, what do you put on your plants to help them grow?

G. I put sheep poo on.

S. well i put horse poop on

I: phew (waves hand in front of nose in disgust!) Mr Cucumber, what do when do when it’s not raining?  

S. Well I water the plants with my gardening hose

I: well Its been a tough.

This week me and my reading group has been learning about gardening and sience take a look what we have been up too.

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