Monday, 9 March 2015

The newspaper challenge

  1. WALT: write a detailed introduction with hook and orientation.

1 Have you ever or tried to make a tower out of newspaper? Well in my literacy class we sat on the mat, Mr Goodwin told us to put our netbooks away then come back on the mat. Mr Goodwin started talking about making a very tall newspaper tower  but we are not allowed to hold it or lean it on the wall.

Once we sat on the mat everyone was thinking what happened to the table and we were thinking why did he move the table. The reason why Mr Goodwin moved the table is because he moved it so we can have space to make our towers because if we didn’t have any space for it then we would have nowhere to make it.

Me, Sulieti, Rima, Loseli, Inez, And Vinolia were in the same  group. As the look of the building the tower looks easy to build but if you try to build a tower it  will be so hard and it will be hard to think in 8 minutes. Inside my group it was difficult to build the tower we keep on taking it off and putting it on.

It was time for judging. In judging it was very hard because there was only two teams who only made it in and three didn’t make it into the challenge. When Mr Goodwin measured it with his legs it was a tigh but when he measured it with a long ruler it wasn’t a tight one was short and one was tall.

The winners of this group was the team that had the one that looks small and it’s skinny but it was fat. In my group I think that our team could be winning next time and to work hard.
Marked by presayus

This week we have been learning about how to write a deatailed paragraph.

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