Friday, 24 October 2014

Use my brain,Use my heart I'm going to be cyber smart.

Have you heard of using your brain,use your heart and I’m going to be cybersmart?Well I’m going to explain three ideas of using my brain,use my heart and being cyber smart.

P2:Use my brain!
How to use your brain is by thinking before you do or say something to other peoples online.For an example for using your brain is by giving kindness to others online.

P3:Use my heart!
You need your heart to be brave at doing everything to do your best.You also need your heart for loving and kindness to others, for an example:If you don’t use your heart you will not be kind,brave,loving and doing your best at your subjects.If you say nasty things to other peoples then they will treat you the same way you did to them,one more thing is that the way you want other peoples to treat you is the way your are also going to do back.

P4:I’m going to be cyber smart

Being cyber smart is leaving digital smart footprint online,For an good example:When someone or anyone is sending an chain mail to you you screenshot it then talk to a teacher or someone that is older than you and then ask for help.

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