Thursday, 30 October 2014

How to become a successful pt england student?

Do you know how to be an successful pt england student?Well I will give you three reasons of how to be a successful pt england kid.

First example is using your manners.using your manners is a good thing to do because peoples can tell you are one of the good student from Pt england school.Here is another example:Using your manners infront of other visitors and other peoples makes them happy like some words if you are walking in other peoples way you say excuse me and if someone gives you something you use your manners,please comes in thge front and thankyou comes at the end.

Walking away is important because if someone is trying to make some trouble and you are trying to don’t go back then walk away and find someone else to play with you like an good example: If someone is trying to into a fight with you then you have to walk away before you make the fight more bigger and you are the one who is going to get the blame.It is a little bit hard to Ignore someone but sometimes it’s not and sometimes it is. Well I have an example of how to ignore someone if they are trying to do something bad to you and here it is …. Ignoring is sometimes a good thing to do at others,but sometimes it is bad too because if someone is trying to get your attention and you are ignoring it that is so bad.What do we do when we sometimes have a fight?Well I have an idea of how to stop a fight by talking and here it is:First example of stopping a fight is talking about it.And last of all you have to seek out.

Conclusion:Stop think and do.

Our school has a song for stop think and do and I am going to write it for you,
Cause in the morning cause it’s stop think and do and in the evening because it’s stop think and do Yea stop think and do,stop think and do.It is good to stop think and do before you do somethink,And it is also good to use the examples in Paragraph 1,and Paragraph 2.The End

                                                   THE END
                                      THANKS FOR READING

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  1. Kura, remember to explain why your ideas help you to be successful at school.