Monday, 8 September 2014

My amazing Holidays

What did you do in the weekends?On Saturday me and my family went to my cousin’s daughters birthday.At the birthday there was heaps of Cook island and Samoan’s at the peoples because the mum(mata) is my dad’s cousin which is Cook island and the dad(Williams)is my dad’s cousin which is Samoan. There was a table with cupcakes and the cake on with em and em in it.

And the other table had all the foods on it and here is a couple of it’s names like Doughnuts,sausages,meat patties and chop sue. After the party we had to say goodbye to all the peoples.When we went home we went to sleep.For the next day.

The next day it was Sunday for fathers day on that day we had to do five things on one day.First it was my birthday,then we went to a cook island church in Glen Innes,We had a feed at my papa’s house for fathers day.After that we had a big feed.At the feed there was a lot of peoples.When we finished perpering the fathers came to eat well they were having a feed some of them said a speach.And then they got a lollies necklace each.When every one finished we had to clean up and go home.At home my dad gave me one of his lollie necklace for my birthday.Then we went sleep.

                                               THE END
                                                 THANKS FOR WATCHING.

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