Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The life education caravan

Here is my writing about Harold and Lynn.
Have you been on the Life Education caravan before?Well every year my class and I went to the Life Education caravan to learn about ways to make our bodies strong, healthy and safe.Last week on Tuesday class 9 walked down to the caravan for our session .Lynn was our teacher and she talked to us about how we can make our bodies grow,safe and healthy.

We learned five things of how to make our bodies grow.One of them is Drinking.You must drink at least five or six water  everyday.Fitness is really good    it helps you get fit,healthy and strong.

Also in the caravan there was a giraffe named Harold,but it wasn't really a real giraffe it was a puppet,he died in orana wildlife park,and there was Lynn the teacher,she teaches us lots of things.

At the end Lynn gave Harold books for  class 9 to take  and then we had to say by to Harold and Lynn.I felt happy to go in to the caravan and to see Lynn and Harold.That was my second time in the Life Education Caravan.

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