Thursday, 24 July 2014

My special holidays

Here is my writing about my special holidays.
Did you enjoy in your holidays?Our school finished on friday 4th July for term break.I was so excited because I couldn’t wait to go to my cousins house.My cousins and I did lots of things durinng the holidays.I’m going to tell you about them.

The First week of the holidays I went to my cousin Nikki’s house in otara 24 civil place. When I got there Nikki was so excited to see me. She said “Kura finally you can sleep over’’ and I repeated after her“yaye! where are we going to sleep?” We had to sleep in the sitting room. We were watching disney channel Austin and Ally,After the cartoon we had to go sleep cause it was getting late. The next morning we woke up and then we had breakfast for breakfast we had toast with baked beans and and with eggs.

The second week of the holidays I came back home with my mum. we went straight to my papa's house(papa nga)for my groups ice challenge,these are the peoples that took part of the ice challenge My dad(tuaine), uncle(junior), cousin(turuhira), cousin(sam), uncle(ngarra).“It was freezing”said my dad. If we didn’t do the ice challenge then we had to pay twenty dollars to fundraise for the people that had cancer.

I felt happy about my holidays because of the ice challenges. Next time I hope to go to the rainbows end.

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