Wednesday, 7 May 2014

The amazing market in G.I!!

In the holidays on Saturday me and my family and my two cousins went to a market in Glen Innes. My.My two cousin’s live in Otara. They.They came over for a sleep over because their family had to gone to Wellington. At the market there were lots of stalls like some Cook Island group’s,some families, some Tongans and some Maori selling food. I saw Michelle and Lotu.

‘’And I walked around the shops in Glen Innes .’’ We sat down to watch a Cook Island group go on the brown long bench  performing’’
The name of the group is Pasifika rim productions.I used to be in that group
group but nowIi’m not.But my uncles and my aunts were still in it and my cousins to.

Michelle was dancing and her brothers as well. Before that there were some adults, teenagers and some children singing on the stage. As soon as they finished singing they had to go  ‘’To the person making the announcements on the microphone’’to  get their chocolate prize and or their winning money.After everything had finished we packed up and went home.

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  1. Great recount Kura of something special that happened during your holiday. I wonder what was happening, was it a competition?