Wednesday, 19 March 2014

My weekends

                                              My weekends

On Saturday me and my family went to our cousins house.We went to my cousins house because we had a family group meeting.The family groups
name is called the Metaka family.The Metaka side was on my dads side.

When they finish having their family meeting the whole family ate.We ate custard with cake,the cake flavour was kind of gingery.The custard was yum except for the gingery cake,because the bits of the cake was kind of chilly.

After eating we all packed up to go home.When some families went home me and my cousin (Nicky) went into her room and we both was playing and talking.We were playing sleeping lions.When we finished playing sleeping lions we tried to go sleep so i could sleep over her house for the weekends.

My brother Ben and my other cousin Aj was in his  room playing ps3 on the PS3,my brother and my cousin was playing sky landers swap force.when they finished playing we had to go home, i was going to sleep over my cousins house but i wasn't allowed to sleep over because i had to look after my little brother and my little sister,but my two sisters and my older brother got to sleep over my cousins house after all those stuffs me and my two little brother and sister went home with my mum and dad.

                              The end

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